What does compression (sometimes termed graduated compression) do?

Is compression suitable for everyone or just those with a problem?

What's so special about milkteds®?

What are the common features of milkteds®?

What are milkteds® made from?

Are milkteds® suitable for children?

What if I have a question, can I call and speak to someone to discuss?

Where are milkteds® made?

Where are milkteds® based?

How can I contact milkteds®?

Who are milkthreads?

Do you have a customer service helpline?

Do you have a dedicated overseas customer helpline?

Do you ship milkteds® overseas?

How can the benefits of milkteds® be understood by those outside the UK considering purchasing compression?

Do you sell wholesale?

How do I become a stockist?

How long before and after travelling should I wear milkteds travel socks for?

Can I sleep in my milkteds® socks or tights?

How many hours a day can I wear milkteds® compression products?

Can I wear milkteds® daily, or will they cause me harm?

Do I have to pay any duty fees, if I order from outside the UK?

Can I use my creams and lotions whilst wearing milkteds®?

What can I do to prolong the life of my milkteds® product?

If the fabric allows, should I pull the sock or calf support above my knees?

Will my insurance pay for/cover my milkteds® compression hosiery?

Are you able to invoice my insurance company directly?

Can I buy on-line with my details and have them delivered to someone else's address?

What if I change my mind, can I return them?

When will the 'coming soon' milkteds® ranges be available?

What are my options for placing an order?

Do you accept paypal?

What does the postage cost?

What do I do if once I have placed my order I want to change it?

Can I track and trace my parcel?

What do I do if my order does not arrive?

What do I do if the order is wrong, damaged or incomplete when I receive it?

What do I do if I order multiple items and want to keep some but not all?

Do you have a loyalty scheme?