Consumer Reviews

Paul, Online Accounting, UK

"I have never used flight socks before and I used these socks on a short flight to Egypt in July, followed a week later long haul to New Orleans on business, and they were surprisingly comfortable and my legs didn’t ache or swell as they used to. Fantastic product and I wouldn't fly without them"

David Hansen, Physician, Los Angeles, USA

'Milkteds socks are the very best compression stockings I have ever used. I would recommend them to everybody.'

Gareth Leaney, Airline Pilot, Manchester, UK

' On long haul flights, my legs do get 'heavy' and tired. After wearing Milkteds socks, my legs felt much lighter and not tired at all...... the socks did not 'dig' at the top of my calf. My lower leg felt very supported and so comfortable...'

'I can highly recommend these socks for leaving your legs feeling light and refreshed after a long day'.

Rashed Ahmed, Manager Etihad Airlines, Manchester, UK

‘Milkteds socks were comfortable, and of high quality, and really helped my tired legs. I would highly recommend them.’

Emma Hughes, Businesswoman, London, UK

' Brilliant! so comfortable, I wore them one day and then washed them in the evening to wear again next day - can I have some more please?!!'


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